creative crisis

So I’m having a creative identity crisis.  There are so many things I want to create and I have so many ideas, but they all go in a little bit of a different direction.  I got a new camera and now I’m obsessed with taking photos.  I want to sell my photos.  I also love messing around with photos and making artsy prints.  I want to sell those too.  In my daily trips around the internet I see things that other people create that inspire me to create other things.
Are you beginning to see the problem?  I feel like if I go in too many directions it will do more harm than good.
I’ve put a few of these “other” things in my etsy shop as an experiment over the last few weeks.  They’ve generated quite a few views, but I’m wondering if they are doing more harm than good by cluttering up my shop with things that aren’t cards.


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