A little bit about the woman (and the dog) responsible for Kiva & Co.
I was born, raised, and currently live in Anchorage, AK.  I live with my boyfriend (gasp! I know) and my dog, Kiva.
I’m sarcastic and often times a pessimist. I cry when I laugh.  At any given time, I am probably wearing at least one article of wool clothing. I overuse ellipses and parenthetical expressions and I am a firm believer in the serial comma.  I’m a complete snob when it comes to coffee.  My feet are always cold, which I hate, but I can’t sleep if they’re hot.  I’m obsessed with cheese.
I work as an RN in the Labor & Delivery unit of the biggest hospital in the state.  I spent the summer after graduating from nursing school bored, broke, and waiting to start my job in the fall.  It was then that I taught myself how to use Illustrator and Photoshop and started creating.  I started by making cards as gifts for my close friends, most of whom have birthdays in August which also corresponded with the height of my broke-ness.  A few months later (after I had enough money to buy a decent printer), I decided to start sharing my work with the all the wonderful folks on the internet (it’s a series of tubes, you know).  Around the same time, I acquired a dog, who I struggled to name for weeks (well…actually, I knew I was going to get a dog and the naming struggle occurred prior to her arrival).  Finally, I found a name that was not too human (for some reason I’m morally opposed to naming my dog human sounding names like Bob or Sally) and had an appropriate meaning behind it.  And thus my dog became Kiva, meaning “to protect” in Hebrew and “nice” in Finnish (which is extremely appropriate given I’m both Finnish and Jewish).
Oh right…the point.  After the dog naming saga, I was unmotivated to come up with any more names for things, and thus my little online shop became Kiva & Co.

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